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Norstar Phone Systems by Nortel Networks®

Digital Reliability, Dependability and Affordability

When it comes to Norstar Phone Systems in Houston, You're on the Right Track.
Whether you need a new business phone system and like the Norstar brand or if you already own a Norstar phone system our expert techs can help you unlock the power of your business communications.

Norstar Phone Systems and Norstar Voicemail Systems can take your business to another level. Norstar strives hard in the industry to provide products of outstanding quality, reliability, and scalability to meet your business needs. So, whether you are a small business starting out or a medium sized business, they meet your needs. These systems are powerful with numerous features that improves communication and increases productivity. Norstar Phone Systems and Voicemail Systems offers solutions for your business by providing powerful, digital voice/fax devices and voice messaging devices to keep you ahead of the competition by getting, moving, and using information quickly and effectively.

Norstar Phone Systems can help Unlock the Power of your Business Communications .
At Digital Phone Works of Houston we have studied, installed, programmed and maintained thousands of phone systems in Houston. We are convinced that when you see, use and feel your new Norstar phones on your desk, it will be clear that we offered you the best system for your money. Compared to Avaya, Norstar costs less and is 200% more reliable for Small and medium sized businesses. It outclasses any Vodavi, Samsung and AT&T phone system, no questions asked. Our range of products have been tailored by our experience to the most affordable business phone systems that also provide a perfect blend of features, price and ease of use.

Nortel System Quotes
Norstar Compact ICS Phone Systems Norstar Compact ICS Business Phone System
4 x 8 Phone System and 8 x 24 Telephone Extensions that Supports VoIP Telephony.
Norstar Modular ICS Phone Systems Norstar Modular ICS Business Phone System
For up to 250 users. Voicemail Ready, Supports Caller ID, Built-In Analog Port, Incredibly Expandable.
Norstar Call Pilot 100 Voicemail System Norstar Call Pilot 100 Office Voicemail System
4 Voice Channels, up to 40 Mailboxes, Auto Attendant with CCR, 9 Hours of Storage, Optionall Add-On Call Center.
Norstar Call Pilot 150 Voicemail Systems Norstar Call Pilot 150 Office Voicemail System
8 Voice Channels, up to 300 Mailboxes, Auto Attendant with CCR, Built-In Call Center.
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Flexible, Reliable, and Scalable Phone System!
  • Powerful Features
  • Expandable
  • Cost Effective
  • Increases Productivity

Norstar Phone Systems can help Unlock the Power of your Business Communications.
  • Elegant, classy and hardy phones
  • Long list of standard features
  • Easy and simple to expand
  • Easy to administrate
  • Affordable
  • Lowest failure rate in the industry