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Nortel Networks® BCM 200 VoIP Phone System

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The Business Communications Manager 200 by Nortel Networks® is the solution for Small to Medium Sized Business Needs. This device is a Stand-Alone, All-In-One, Voice and Data Machine that provides Easy Migration of your existing Traditional Phone System to IP Telephony. The BCM 200 offers convenient, portable, and flexible connectivity to better improve your business service by supporting Wireless IP Telephony, Triple DES for VPNs, hybrid digital / IP, and Pure IP Environments.

Unlike other brands such as Avaya and Vodavi, Nortel continues to maintain their high quality phones and is always upping the bar.

Nortel Networks BCM 200 The Nortel Networks® BCM 200 Phone System is ideal for Small to Medium Sized Businesses that need to Utilize Hybrid and IP Telephony.

  • For 10-24 Users (Up to 64 Using Mix of Digital / IP Phones).
  • For use with Digital Norstar Phones or Nortel IP Phones .
  • Portable LAN / WAN Connection.
  • Converged Voice / Data Networking.
  • Perfect for Small to Medium Sized Businesses.


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System Features

  • 20-32 Digital Users or 90 IP Telephone Users.
  • Voicemail.
  • Custom Call Routing.
  • Unified Messaging (Voicemail, Fax, E-Mail on PC).
  • Support for IP Business Phones.
  • Support for Convergence to User's Desktops.
  • IP Trunking between Locations to Save on Toll Charges.
  • Call Center.
  • Professional Call Center (50 Skillsets, 80 Active Agents).
  • Multimedia Contact Center (Web-Enabled).
  • Interactive Voice Response for Self-Service.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).
  • Modular Expansion in Feature and Capacity.
  • Digital Mobility for Wireless Handsets (32 Mobile Users).
  • Centralized Applications (Messaging with Automated Attendant).
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Nortel Networks VOIP Phone Systems can help Unlock the Power of your Business Communications.
  • HIgh Tech IP Phones
  • Many IP Telphony Features
  • Easy to MIgrate with Existing Traditional Phone System
  • Cost Effective
  • Voice and Data Communication