Digital Phone Works Inc.

Virtual Auto Attendant in Houston, Texas

Call Routing and Auto Attendant Services. Create a Professional Automated Phone System

Our Virtual Auto Attendant service allows any company with any phones or phone system sound like a big company. We provide any amount of new or existing phone numbers that when dialed, are answered by YOUR auto attendant.

As choices in your auto attendant are selected, the calls are automatically routed to any numbers you want, at any location, even cell phones!

With Virtual Auto Attendant You Can:

  • Have your lines answered by a professional sounding auto attendant.
  • Use a generic message or your own custom recorded prompts.
  • "Call To" any number of your choice, for any option.
  • Dial by name.
  • Dial by extension.
  • Web Portal for on the fly changes.
  • Any number of phone numbers, from any region of the country pointing at it. (extra numbers incur extra cost)
  • Flexibility to auto answer on any number of rings.
  • Flexibility to have phone calls ring in your office FIRST, then if you do not answer be routed to the auto attendant.
  • Seperate Day and Night routing.
  • Dial "0" for operator.
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This is truely a unique service that allows businesses an easy auto attendant without the expense of upgrading your phone system. For that matter, you might normally have to replace your entire system just to get an AA so sophsticated! And we should know, we Houston's phone system experts.