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Nortel i2007 IP Phone

Experience Nortel Networks® Latest Technology in IP Phones

Nortel Networks® i2007 IP Telephone is cutting edge technology in one little package. The i2007 is designed for your business needs to make everyday business operations more convenient. The i 2007 is a Multimedia Commmunications Device with streaming video and audio as well as quick and easy personalized information. The i2007 comes with a 5.7" Color (QVGA) and Super Twisted Nematic (CSTN), Bitmapped Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for easy, hassle-free viewing. Nortel Networks has also ensured easy access to web applications with its use of its main navigation menu. Web applications can also be easily accessed through the built-in USB port in the i2007 Telephone by adding a USB Mouse or Keyboard. The possibilities for the i2007 are numerous and the benefits are easy, convenient and beneficial to your growing business needs.

Nortel Networks i2007 IP Phone Nortel Networks® i2007 IP Telephone is Perfect for Quick and Easy Access to Information and Multimedia via Web Applications.

  • 5.7" Sensitive Touch Color Screen with Stylus.
  • Uses XML and Web Content.
  • Easy Point/Click Navigation with USB Mouse/Keyboard.
  • "Sleep Never" Setting for 24/7 Customer Environment.

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System Features

  • Read More About i2007 IP Telephone (PDF)
  • Nortel's Latest Technology in IP Phones with a 5.7" Color Touch Sensitive Screen.
  • Built-In USB Port.
  • Supports Both Pre-packaged and Customized Multimedia Content from External Application Gateways.
  • Up to Twelve Programmable Line and Feature Keys.
  • Four Dynamic Soft Function Keys.
  • Soft-Key Access to Administration Tools.
  • Easy Point/Click Navigation with use of a Standard USB Mouse and Keyboard.
  • The i2007 supports prepackaged and customized content (multimedia) from external applications.
  • Backlit display with built in timer
  • IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet Standard
  • Local AC power with a Universal Power Adapter.
  • 24/7 "sleep never".
  • Integrated 10/100 Base-T Switch.
  • Manual Settings of 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps Connections.
  • Configurable Back-Light Timer.
  • Integrated RJ-8 Port which supports Amplified and Un-Amplified Headsets.
  • Up to 650 Telephony Features in which some features are dependent via Nortel Communications Servers.
  • Desktop or Wall Mountable.
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Nortel Networks® BCM IP Phones Are:
  • Reliable, High Tech, and Affordable IP Phones.
  • Long List of Features and Appllications.
  • Easily Migrates with Existing Phone System.
  • Offers Flexibility and Portability.
  • Real Time Business Communications.