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If you are in Houston and need a new Phone System, service for your existing phone system or if you need adds, moves or changes for your phone system, you've come to the right place.


The Right Phone System For Your Business
Digital Phone Works offers reliable phone system solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Our range of products have been tailored by our experience to the most affordable phone systems that also provide a perfect blend of features, price and ease of use.

All Major Brands Served Products & Services
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed
  • Affordable, Professional and Timely Installations on your New Phone System
  • De-Installation of Existing Phone System
  • Programming & Training on your New Phone System
  • Full Warranties on ALL Phone Systems
  • Financing & Leasing Options
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Digital Phone Works Systems and Solutions

Allowrx 6x VoIP Phone System
Allworx VOIP Phone Systems

Allworx Phone Systems is the most affordable phone system on the market today. Contact one of our Allworx Professional Consultants to see just how easy it is to get communicating.
Allworx 9212 IP Phone
Allworx IP Phones
Allworx IP Phones are compatible with Allworx Phone Systems. They are feature rich and easy to use.
ESI Phone System
ESI Phone Systems

ESI Phone Systems has many models and solutions to choose from. Digital Phone Works is tn ESI Certified Partner. From small to largephone systems, we have the soltuion for your business.

» New and Used

ESI 48 Button Phone
ESI Phones
ESI IP Phones work exclusively with the ESI Phone System. 24, 48, expanders and even a wireless handset solution is available. Call today!
» New and Used

Nortel BCM VOIP Phone Systems
Nortel BCM VOIP Phone Systems

Nortel Network's Business Communications Manager 50, 200, and 400 are IP Telephony Devices that fit your Business Needs for the Future

» New and Used

Nortel BCM IP Phones
Nortel BCM IP Phones
Nortel Network's IP Telephones offer Flexible IP Telephony Solutions for your Business. Great for On-Site, Remote Sites, and Home Office.
» New and Used

Norstar Phone Systems
Norstar Phone Systems

Rugged and realiable.
For 3 to 270 Users.
» New and Used
Norstar Business Phones
Norstar Business Phones

Reliable, Durable and Elegant.
Affordable and Expansive Features.
» New and Used
Avaya Partner ASC Systems
Avaya Partner ACS Phone Systems

Simple, Flexible and Reliable.
For 2 to 48 Users.
» New and Used
Avaya Euro Partner Business Phones
Avaya Euro Partner Business Phones

Sleek, Modern and Professional .
Convenient, Cost-Efficient with Enhanced Features.
» New and Used
Panasonic KXT  Phone Systems
Panasonic KXT Phone Systems

Advanced, Hybrid Telephone System.
For 2 to 24 Users.
» New and Used
Panasonic KXT  Telephones
Panasonic KXT Business Phones

Designed to Compliment Panasonic Hybrid Systems.
Standard & Digital Compatibility with Enhanced Features.
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