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Norstar Modular ICS

Cost-Effective, Reliable, and Scalable Digital Phone SystemNorstar MICS

Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (MICS) is a Small to Medium Sized Digital Business Phone System. Stay Ahead of the Game with a Cost-Effective, Durable, Scalable, Reliable Phone System that cuts back on end user training. The MICS supports many features that offers your business a strategy to beat the competition. MICS offers many advantages to grow your business with features that support High Bandwidth for Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), VoIP Gateway for Voice and Fax IP Telephony, and Digital Technology for Future and Current PC-Based Applications. Norstar offers software and system expansion modules for the MICS so your phone system can grow as your business grows.

Norstar MICS Phone System is Ideal for Small to Medium Sized Businesses who may need a Unified Voice and Communication Gateway.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) .
  • Data Networking.
  • VoIP Trunking for Voice / Fax (VoIP Gateway).
  • Internal Messaging and Call Log.
  • Desktop Messaging.
  • Digital Networking.
  • Complex Call Centers.
  • WAN Support.
  • Network up to 10 Norstar Sites over Private Rate Interface (PRI)
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System Features

  • Smallest Configuration of 4 x 32 to Largest Configuration of 272 Ports. (with Use of External Modules)
  • Up to 8 Incoming Lines in Base Ksu.
  • Up to 32 phones with Base Ksu.
  • Easily expandable by Station Modules & Trunk Modules
  • Voicemail Compatible
  • T-1 Compatible with use of T-1 Card
  • Caller ID Compatible (with use of CLID Trunk Cards)
  • Applications Support for Voicemail, Digital Networking, Unified Messaging and Enhanced Call Centers.
  • Supports all Norstar and Business Series phones
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Auto Daylight Savings Time
  • Built-In Paging, Music on Hold
  • Auto Set Relocation
  • Toll Restriction
  • DISA (Direct Inward System Access
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Norstar Phone Systems can help Unlock the Power of your Business Communications.
  • Elegant, classy and hardy phones
  • Long list of standard features
  • Easy and simple to expand
  • Easy to administrate
  • Affordable
  • Lowest failure rate in the industry