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Nortel Networks® i2050 IP Soft Phone

Take Your Office Calls Anywhere with Broadband Connection

Nortel Networks® i2050 IP SoftPhone is PC-Based Software that replicates the features of Nortel Networks i2004 Telephone. The i2050 can be used as a primary desktop phone, telecommuter phone or supplementary phone. Most likely it is installed on your laptop and works anywhere where there is a broadband connection. It is a convenient, flexible solution that gives you the freedom to take your business with you without the fear of missing important phone calls. The i2050 is intended for use with any Nortel IP Enabled Phone System including the BCM, Meridian 1 and Succession 1000 Call Servers.
Nortel Networks® i2050 IP Soft Telephone Nortel Networks® i2050 IP Phone is PC-Based Software that allows you to take your Business Anywhere with Broadband Connection.

  • Designed for Telecommuters
  • Caller ID and Voicemail Supported
  • Same Capabilities as an i2004 Phone
  • Software to be Installed on your Computer
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System Features

  • Call Origination, Call Termination, Mute, Volume and Message Waiting Indication.
  • Traditional Telephony Features (Conference & Transfer).
  • Fixed keys (Copy, Quit, Navigation, Mute, Volume, Answer, Goodbye, Information, Directory, Inbox, Outbox, Services, Quick Dials, Redial List, Callers List, Local Directory.
  • Hotkeys (Windows Status Bar or Keyboard Shortcuts).
  • Four Programmable Interactive Soft Keys.
  • Up to 12 Programmable Keys for Direct Access to Lines, Features, and Autodials.
  • 3 Slide-Out Feature Trays (Programmable Lines/Features Only, Numbers (Dial Pad) Only, or Combination).
  • Macro Functions.
  • Powerful Directory Capabilities (Local (PC Storage) or External Directory (LDAP, Outlook, and Symantec ACT).
  • TAPI Compliance.
  • User-Selectable Ringer (PC speakers, USB headset or Nortel Networks Handset).
  • Local generation of call alerting, call progress and dialpad tones saving LAN/WAN bandwidth.
  • Supports Static (VPN) and Dynamic (DHCP) IP Addressing.
  • Voice Activity Detection and Silence Suppression Support.
  • Online Help with Full Index Search Capabilities.
  • USB Audio Kit.
  • Customer Selectable Audio Interface Options.
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Nortel Networks® BCM IP Phones Are:
  • Reliable, High Tech, and Affordable IP Phones.
  • Long List of Features and Appllications.
  • Easily Migrates with Existing Phone System.
  • Offers Flexibility and Portability.
  • Real Time Business Communications.