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Avaya Partner ACS R6 Processor

Advanced Telephoney Solutions for Enhanced Applications

Avaya Partner ACS R6 Processor is a system that is designed to simplify business operation. The ACS R6 Processor is equipped with three incoming lines and eight extensions for added performance for a growing business. The ACS R6 Processor is not only ideal for small businesses with room to grow but it is cost efficient for those who have a budget in mind. This processor comes equipped with numerous features so your business will not lack on providing good customer relations.

Simplify your business with the ACS R6 Processor with features such as messaging, conferencing, call recording and many more! This processor also delivers reliable communication by consolidating connections with Partner ACS Expansion Modules, such as Cell Phone Connection through use of the T1 Module; this enables you to ring the system extension simultaneously with your cell phone. There is no need to worry about losing your system programming, which is vital for business performance, because with the ACS R6 Processor you can easily back-up and restore data. This processor is compatible with all Partner Telephones as well as many analog devices.

Nortel System Quotes
Avaya Partner ACS R6 Processor The Avaya Partner ACS R6 Processor is an Upgradable System that is Dependable and Easy to Expand.

  • Numerous Features for Enhanced Performance.
  • Easily Upgradable.
  • Simple and Functional Operation.
  • Voice Messaging .
  • Direct Connection to Analog Devices .
System Features
  • (31) Lines and (48) Maximum Extension Capacity
  • Supports Voice Lines and T1 (Requires T1 Module - Enables Cell Phone Connect)
  • (3) Modular Loop Start Line Ports with Caller ID Capability
  • (8) Modular Enhanced Tip/Ring (ETR) Extension Ports
  • First (2) ETR Ports Provide Power Failure Transfer to the First (2) Lines
  • (2) PCMCIA Card Slots
  • (2) Touch Tone Receivers
  • (1) Modular SMDR Port
  • (1) Modular Jack to connect to Optional Closure Device
  • (1) Music Source Port (RCA Type)
  • (1) Loudspeaker Paging Port
  • Call Coverage (Call Routing)
  • Caller ID (With Subscription to Caller ID Service) - Includes Name & Number Caller ID Logging and Dialing
  • Call Forwarding (Forward Calls to another system extension internally or externally)
  • Conferencing (Up to 5 Parties on a Call)
  • Contact Closure Support (Electronic Door or Gate Opening)
  • Group Call Distribution (Distribute Calls to a Group of Extensions)
  • Line Pooling
  • Music On Hold
  • PC Card Software Upgrades (Easy Upgrade for Latest Releases)
  • PC Card Backup and Restore (Save System Programming for Immediate Restoration - If Necessary)
  • SMDR Talk Time (Create Call Records)
  • Speed Dial (Customize Speed Dials)
  • Station Lock (User may "LOCK" their Extension)
  • Messaging (Options for Auto Attendant, Call Routing and Messaging)
  • Compatible with Partner Phones (6, 18, and 34 Button Phones, an Auto Attendant and Wireless Handsets)
  • Connect Accessories (Fax Machine, Credit Card Readers, Modems, and Single Line Phones without adapters or extra phone lines)

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Expand Your Growing Business with the Flexibility, Reliability and Functionality of an Avaya Partner ACS Phone System.
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