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Nortel Networks® i2004 IP Phone

Cost-Effective Telephone For Your Changing Business Needs

Nortel Networks® i2004 IP Telephone delivers traditional business communications with the technology of IP Telephony. The i2004 has an integrated switched Ethernet connection (Power over Ethernet), which cuts down on wiring and cable requirements. The i2004 is handling voice traffic as well as enhancing high quality audio performance. It is easily able to simplify your business' moves, adds, or changes if they should ever arrive by directly connecting to the LAN via a 10/100 Base T Ethernet Connection. The i2004 is Microsoft TAPI Compliant which operates with the CallPilot and Personal Call Manager (Call Logs and Directories) by Onscreen Displays. The i2004 has Automatic Firmware Upgrades as standards and features arise.

The i2004 is Compatible with the following Phone Systems:

  • Business Communications Manager, Meridian 1
  • Communication Server 1000
  • Communication Server 1000M
  • Multimedia Communications Server 5100.
Nortel Networks i2004 IP Phone Nortel Networks® i2004 IP Telephone
  • DHCP Compatible.
  • Power Over Ethernet..
  • Built-In 5x24 LCD Character Display.
  • Can Be Used in Multiple Platforms.
  • Microsoft TAPI Compliant.
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System Features

  • Connection to an Ethernet LAN which Automatically obtains IP Address Assignments via a Standard DHCP Server.
  • Advanced Telephony Features and Application Access.
  • For Use with Multiple Platforms.
  • Power over Ethernet via the IEEE 802.3af Specification or External Power Supply.
  • 10Mps/100Mps Full-Duplex "Locked Up" Connections.
  • Direct Connection to LAN.
  • International Icons or English Text Key Caps.
  • Built In Large 5x24 LCD Character Display
  • Self Labeling Keys Can Be Programmed As Needed
  • Self Labeling Context Sensitive SoftKeys
  • Audio Control
  • Navigation Keys
  • Built In Message Waiting Light
  • Distinctive Rings
  • For Use in All Day Call Positions
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Nortel Networks® BCM IP Phones Are:
  • Reliable, High Tech, and Affordable IP Phones.
  • Long List of Features and Appllications.
  • Easily Migrates with Existing Phone System.
  • Offers Flexibility and Portability.
  • Real Time Business Communications.