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Nortel Networks® BCM IP Phones Houston

Cutting-Edge IP Telephony Technology For Your Growing Business Needs

Nortel Networks® BCM IP Phones opens up the Gateway to Higher Technology for IP Telephony. Nortel IP Phones offers the perfect business solution for cost management and convenience. These phones are the wave of the future with numerous features to work easily at your fingertips. Nortel's IP Telephones work with the BCM Phone System and can also work simultaneously with Norstar's Digital Phones.

Nortel Networks® takes technology a step further with their IP Phones with the extensive, convenient applications and features their phones offer. IP Telephony is the perfect solution for converging On-Site, Off-Site, and Remote Office business communications with ease and reliability. It is productive and cost-effective in the long run. IP Phones can offer many benefits for your company by offering flexible, portable and real-time communications for your end users. The options are numerous whether you choose to integrate with Traditional /IP Telephony or use a Pure IP Environment.
Nortel System Quotes

Nortel Networks IP Phones

Nortel Networks i2001 IP Phone Nortel i2001 IP Phone
Single-Line IP Telephone with 2-Line Display, 4 Soft Keys for System Navigation, and External Power Supply or Power Over LAN.
Nortel Networks i2002 IP Phone Nortel i2002 IP Phone
IP Telephone with Buit-In Switch to take IP Address Directly From DHCP, POE (Powered Over Ethernet), or Power Over LAN.
Nortel Networks i2004 IP Phone Nortel i2004 IP Phone
IP Telephone that Connects Directly to Business LAN with a Built-In Switch for obtaining its own IP Address via DHCP, and POE.
Nortel Networks i2007 IP Phone Nortel i2007 IP Phone
5.7" Touch Sensitive Color Screen that delivers Easy Access to Information via Point/Click Navigation with Built-In USB Connection for USB Mouse/Keyboard.
Nortel Networks i2050 IP Phone Nortel i2050 IP Soft Phone
The Soft Phone is a Piece of Software to be Installed on Computer which has the same features as the i2004. Great for Telecommuters.
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Affordable, Reliable and High Tech IP Phones!
  • Power Over LAN
  • Delivers Voice & Data
  • Easy Access to Information
  • Reliable and Convenient
Nortel Networks® BCM IP Phones Are:
  • Reliable, High Tech, and Affordable IP Phones.
  • Long List of Features and Appllications.
  • Easily Migrates with Existing Phone System.
  • Offers Flexibility and Portability.
  • Real Time Business Communications.