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Nortel System Quotes

Business Internet and Phones
Business Phone Line Service

In all major Texas cities. Business phone lines, Business PRI services and blazing T-1 internet speeds.

Digital Phone Systems
Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems from leading manufacturers, expertly programmed and installed for an affordable price.

Phone Service and Installation
Phone Installation and Repair

Over 20 years serving Houston with phone system installation, repair, service and cabling services. We provide phone and network cabling, VoIP engineering, and multi-location engineering.

Paging Door and Gate Systems
Paging, Door and Gate Systems

High quality indoor and outdoor paging, PA systems, music system and door and gate systems. When Houston has a paging or door opening need, they call us.

Houston Business Phone Services Houston Business Phone Systems Sales Houston Business Phone System Service, Repair and Installation Houston Business Paging Systems and Door and Gate Entry Systems

All Major Brands Served Products & Services
  • Lowest Prices Guaranteed
  • Affordable, Professional and Timely Installations on your New Phone System
  • De-Installation of Existing Phone System
  • Programming & Training on your New Phone System
  • Full Warranties on ALL Phone Systems
  • Financing & Leasing Options

Allworx VoIP Phone System

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Allworx 48x Phone SystemAllworx 9224 IP Phone

Allworx is the most affordable and technologically advanced phone system that we offer for small to medium sized businesses. We are an Allworx Apex Dealer and have Certified Allworx Phone System Consultants available. The Allworx 6x Phone System is the best deal on the market. Combined with our state of the art SIP Trunking technologies, the ALlworx Phone System will save you money month end and month out. Contact us today for a free demo in the comfort of your office.

Ask about our SIP Trunking capabilities. Buy from a trusted professional serving Houston for over 30 Years.


Nortel BCM VoIP Phone System

(Business Communications Manager)

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nortel bm voip phone system in houston

Welcome to a first class VoIP phone system that your business can actually afford. Not saying it isn't pricey, but we certainly know how to save you money.

The Nortel BCM VoIP phone system can use both Norstar phones and IP phones in almost any mix and match configuration. BCM's can be networked easily through your companies VPN, or IP phones can be deployed at any number of remote locations. Makes for a lot of phone system fun.


Norstar Office Phone Systems

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houston norstar phone systems

Norstar phone systems are the leading edge affordable and powerful office phone system. With phone systems that range from 3 lines to full blown T-1's and PRI's, Norstar phone systems can accommodate any size office without overpowering your budget.

We enjoy installing Norstar phone systems in our Houston based customers due to their reliability and great price!

Avaya Partner ACS
(Advanced Communication Systems)

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Avaya Partner ACS Phone Systems, Houston, Texas
Avaya Partner ACS (Advanced Communications System) Phone Systems are one of the popular business communication solutions for simple, reliable and advanced features. We understand how growth effects business, that is why we can offer you the best when it comes to purchasing your phone system. The Partner ACS Phone System is an outstanding choice for growing small businesses offering enhanced applications and functionality with flexibility to expand.

Panasonic KXT Phone Systems

More Info About Panasonic KXT ® »

Panasonic KXT Phone Systems, Houston, Texas
Panasonic KXT Advanced Digital Hybrid Telephone Systems are state of the art in technology. They are designed for both residential and business applications. These systems are loaded with numerous features and applications that simplify your communication operations. These advanced systems provide flexibility, mobility and enhanced performance for your everyday needs.

Toshiba Phone Systems

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Toshiba Phone Systems
Toshiba phone systems, particularly used Toshiba phone systems make a wonderful alternative to new phone systems. In our Houston warehouse, we keep a full supply of Toshiba phone systems available for sale. Please be sure to check out some of our in Houston special packages.

Houston Phone System Service


For over 14 years now, Digital Phone Works of Houston (formerly ICS or Interconnect Communications Specialists) has been servicing Houston phone systems. We deploy numerous phone system technician crews each day in Greater Houston and the surrounding areas.

We are a trusted source in Houston for phone system equipment repair, service and programming.

We specialize in installing and programming :
  • Digital Phone Systems
    Digital and Key telephone systems are still prevalent in most offices today. Solutions from manufacturers such and Nortel Networks, Toshiba, Samsung and others cost less and are very efficient in business offices. Today's digital phone systems are more robust than ever with advanced voicemail and unified messaging systems.

  • Voicemail Systems
    Today's phone system users are very demanding and only expect the very best from their voicemail system. We provide voicemail solutions from manufacturers such as Nortel, Toshiba, Amanda and Repartee. These voicemail systems provide advanced user features such as off premise notification, unified messaging, ACD and many others and will fit almost any situation and / or phone system.

  • VoIP (Voice Over IP Phone Systems)
    We offer in Houston a new breed of phone system, the VoIP phone system! With the VoIP phone systems a business can do a few extra things. A great example is the ability to network multiple offices of sites. VoIP phone systems at different locations can "speak" to one another over an IP tunnel. This makes for seamless integration of sites no matter how far away they are from one another with NO extra toll expense and almost no limit to the number of sites. Offices can share one voicemail system if desired and you can have extension dial out throughout your offices. Without doubt, voice over IP phone systems are the wave of the new generation of phone systems.

  • Call Centers
    For businesses that require a call center, extra care has to be taken to do it right the first time. Call Centers are the nerve center of a business that requires one so down time is not acceptable. We offer solutions for stand alone phone call center applications and we also offer solutions built into the Nortel BCM and the Norstar Call Pilot and Norstar applications modules. We have set up advanced call centers all over Houston for some very large clients and have expertise in call centers from small to large.

  • Call Logging and Call Recording Solutions
    For some businesses, it is very important that one phone call or all phone calls be recorded. Digital Phone Works of Houston has expert levels of execution in call logging and call recording devices. We carry units that will can record from 1 phone call at the desk to up to 128 phone calls at a time. These units either write to a cassette tape, a server hard drive or they have internal redundant hard drives with very capable software to sort and search phone call records. We can attach these units to ANY phone system or call center.

  • Call Accounting
    Digital Phone Works of Houston has expert level certifications in call accounting software and systems. These systems can provide business owners or managers detailed records of phone calls placed to and from any phone system and any desk.

  • Message / Music On Hold
    If you business requires a message on hold machine, we offer many different units to fit your exact needs and to fit the type of phone system your business owns. We also have resources into recording custom messages by professionals.

  • Phone System Wiring - Cabling and Network Wiring - Cabling Houston
    We have multiple technical crews whose sole purpose is to run, terminate, drop, jack and test phone system wiring and network cabling and network jacks. We cable offices, multiple floors, floor drops, underground cabling, areal cables and Houston phone wiring!

  • Wireless Headset Solutions
    At Digital Phone Works of Houston, we pride ourselves in our breadth of services and products. In this respect we offer a full line of headsets including tried and true wireless headset solutions. For very little you can enjoy crystal clear phone calls from any phone on any phone system and not be tangled by a cord! Ask us for more details.

  • Phone system parts and phones
    Digital Phone Works owns one of the largest online retail shops on the internet. To this end we are very well versed in literally thousands of phone systems, phone, voicemail units, parts and cards! If you have a question, feel free to call us, we will be happy to help

Digital Phone Works Inc. specializes in New and Like New Business Phone Systems in Houston, TX. We are experts at saving you money when purchasing a Key Phone System. We are also experts in VoIP Communication Platforms.

We love to run and pull your phone cables and network cables, install and configure jacks and wire your business office to the outside communications world.

We are experts with over 40 years experience in phone system service, installation and programming. Our well trained technicians work on just about any brand of phone system. We are also Houston's supplier of phone system parts, we even sell parts to the other technicians in town.

Digital Phone Works is the only company you need to call if you are relocating your offices. We will move any key phone system or PBX phone system in and around the city of Houston.

Call us today and we'll give you an estimate within minutes over the phone!