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Digital Phone Works, Inc. offers solutions for both residential and business entry system applications in Houston, Texas. We offer the latest in technology that will allow you to screen visitors from your door or gate giving you more control of whom to let visit the premises. These entry systems provide more security and restrict interruption of business productivity. Entry Systems can even come with the CCTV Technology allowing you to do video surveillance of visitors and confirm identity. However, choosing the correct entry system that is right for your complex is a decision that we would be able to help you with. We offer the best solutions for our customer's and help them choose the most effective solution for their remote access application needs.

There are many products out there for Door and Gate Entry Systems. How do you know which one is right for you? Digital Phone Works, Inc. would like to recommend Viking Entry System products because we believe they are comprehensive in designing their product line of door and gate entry systems. Viking products allow you to "See" who is at the door, "Answer" the door and "Open" the door all with the simplicity and flexibility with a push of a button.

Viking Door Phones Houston Provider for Viking Door and Gate Entry Systems are one of the most convenient and functional phones to own. These door speaker phones allow flexibility with its numerous applications and features. Viking Entry Phones provide two-way handsfree communication and are available in several stylish, compact designs that are vandal and weather resistant. These Entry Phones are designed for residential, commercial, or industrial door security. You can share one to four door phones on a single phone line with the use of a Viking 2000A Controller. The Viking E-40 Compact Entry Phone provides basic two-way communication, whereas the Viking E-50 Compact Entry Phone has the same features as the E-40 but with a built-in camera for easy video monitoring. These entry door speaker phones are telephone line powered, which allows you the convenience of a no hassle installation and no extra telephone lines, which lowers your costs.

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installed gate phoneViking Doorboxes are ideal for Houston Provider for Viking Door and Gate Entry Systems businesses or residential areas that want remote door and gate access. These doorboxes are designed with sturdy, vandal-resistent and weather-resistent stainless steel faceplate. These entry systems are universal and are built to accommodate all entry system communications. Viking Doorboxes provide ringing, talk battery and speakerphone operations. The best thing about these entry systems is they work with ALL existing phone systems such as single line phones, multi-line phones, non-KSU phones, key systems, and PBX systems. Viking W-1000, W-2000A and W-3000 are various different Viking doorboxes that offers different decor features, levels of vandal / weather resistance and communication features. Viking even offers an Entry Accessible System (Viking AES-2000) for people with sensory and physcial impairments.

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Viking Doorboxes can be used with various Viking Controllers to provide for different applications that may be needed such as door relays for door strikes or gate openers, keyless and proxcard entry, touch-tone commands, Caller ID and Call Waiting ID, CCTV monitoring, multiple tenant programming and more! Digital Phone Works, Inc. will work with you and your needs to help with which doorbox and controller would best suit your business communication needs. Doorboxes are also ideal for Apartment Entry Systems for multiple tenant access. Apartment Entry Systems are often concerned with high security, but yet flexibility and convenience for its tenants. These Entry Systems are expandable and is cost effective both the apartment and the tenant. Viking doorboxes are an affordable and ideal solution for many applications such as apartments, private residence, nursing homes, hospitals, gated communiites and more!

Houston Provider for Viking Door and Gate Entry SystemsHouston Provider for Viking Door and Gate Entry Systems
Viking Keyless Entry or Proxcard Entry Systems are one of the most technological advancements in door and gate entry systems. Digital Phone Works, Inc. are one of the few companies in Houston, Texas that understand this technology and how to apply it best to fit your needs. This type of entry system is mostly used for secure, multi-person access to a building. Viking Controllers can provide this feature for your Viking Doorbox that allows use of 26-bit Wiegand Card Readers or Touch Tone access. The addition of Viking HID-1 Proximity Card Reader to a Viking Doorbox allows for a proxy card entry, whereas the Viking HID-2 Keypad allows touch-tone, keyless entry for apartment or business entry systems with Wiegand interfacing. Viking PROXCARD, which is a non-contact security card that is designed to work with the Viking HID-1 Proxcard Reader for entrance to a secure area.

Viking CCTV Control Houston Provider for Viking Door and Gate Entry Systemsfor door entry is one of the hottest technological advances for door entry systems. It allows you to to do video surveillance of each door entry of choice. The Viking CCTV Camera Surveillance is different from other video surveillance technology in that it is continuous monitors activity. The Viking VC-1000 Programmable CCTV Camera Controller is the most ideal and comprehensive in video surveillance that can be programmed for specific applications.

Houston Provider for Viking Door and Gate Entry SystemsHouston Provider for Viking Door and Gate Entry Systems
Viking Accessories for Entry Systems provide convenience for both visitors and users. Viking doorboxes are conveniently paired with Viking Backboxes and Pedestals for added protection, mounting or additional convenience of drive-up communications.

Houston Provider for Viking Door and Gate Entry SystemsThe Viking VE-LIGHT (right) adds the convenience for night time applications and displays the doorboxes in a clear, bright light. Also, Viking D-Series Houston Provider for Viking Door and Gate Entry SystemsDirectories are designed for easy name and number directory for multiple tenant listings that are vandal and weather resistant for long life. These products add more sleek, functional and convenient design for Viking Entry System products.

Viking Entry Systems often are offered with the optional Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP), which is protection against harsh weather conditions. EWP protects against extreme weather conditions such as water damage, pollution, corrosion and temperature damage. Extreme weather conditions such as high humidity, salty atsmosphere, high pollution and high exhaust environments. The EWP is designed with urethane potting which stablizes and allows systems to run effectively. Also, with seals, gaskets, weather proof connectors and hand-soldered wires your entry system is insured to work properly in the most extreme weather.
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Reliable, Convenient Door and Gate Entry !

  • Secure and Reliable Entry System
  • Allows Control of Visitors
  • Monitor Each Door Entry
  • Open Doors or Gates Remotely
  • Provides Keyless Entry
  • Systems are Weather & Vandal Resistant
  • Numerous Features and Applications
  • Answer Doors & Gates From Telephone
  • Hands-Free, Two-Way Communication
  • Universal to Work on All Phone Systems